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Having a lifelong passion for art and design, I wanted to find the right avenue where I could create beautiful and inspiring pieces of art. Venturing into jewelry design became that perfect avenue for me to explore. My first designs in the Darling Collection were inspired by the things that I love. The pendants in this collection are dazzling, unique, fun to wear, whimsical and inspired. Whenever I wear them, people are always drawn to them, wanting to take a closer look at the colorful and delicate designs, and the meaning behind them. My signature ring, the Clementine, was inspired by my grandmother, who my company is named after. I designed this ring using a stunningly brilliant Mandarin garnet, and from there, I created my Sweet and Juicy Collection, using bright and beautiful gems in many fabulous colors. I love how the colorful collections have evolved into jewelry that has a very fresh and happy look and feel.

- Liesa Berkson